Behind The Botannical Print

Our talented team of textile designers on the process of creating Forever New’s signature floral prints.

Forever New’s signature floral prints are hand created by our talented team of in-house textile designers. We spoke to Senior Textile Designer Hanna, about where she finds her inspiration and her advice for aspiring textile designers.

What is your design process?
First I will pencil out the design, then I will colour it with various paints or inks or pen. Once the details are perfected I scan it into a program on my MAC, then I arrange the elements into a design. I focus meticulously on placing everything nicely with a focus on space and colour, balancing elements so the design appears harmonious and feminine. Once completed the design is sent to the fabric mill to be printed onto fabric, before it’s cut and sewn into garments.

Do you design to specific colour palettes or print themes per collection/season?
At the beginning of each season we put together a storyboard with a key colour palette. Colours are chosen to be harmonious and complimentary on the body, with an emphasis on soft feminine tones. These shades are then used in all the garments for the collection as well as within the prints. The prints are designed specifically to sit together in a similar style or theme.

Where do you get inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from many different sources depending on what I will be working on. I will walk through the botanic gardens in spring when the flowers are out, I visit the state library to view their collection of old botanical illustration books, I attend art exhibitions, visit flower markets, and leaf through French antique textile books.

For those interested in becoming a textile graphic designer, tell us what steps you took to get to where you are now as a designer?
Fashion and art have always been an interest of mine, and drawing has always been my passion. I studied textiles, studio art and graphic design in year 12. I worked hard and put a lot of time into achieving get the best marks I could. Completing the interview process for textile and graphic design courses is quite tough, so I took a year to develop my folio beforehand. I went through to complete my honors degree, and was fortunate enough to get a job in the fashion industry once I graduated. I haven’t looked back ever since, I love it!

What is your number one tip for creatives who want to pursue a career in design?
If you already have creative talent, it is important to learn how to adapt this into a commercial application. This is what makes you valuable for a business. Chose a university course that teaches you the software we use in the industry. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop give you the tools to turn your drawings into something usable.

What are you working on currently?
I am starting work now on the next resort collection. It is going to be vibrant, fun and feminine. Think of an island vibe with a Copacabana tropical theme!

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